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International Consultants, Lda

is a boutique consulting firm specialized to support any company or individual wishing to start or expand operations in Portugal and in Europe
Supported by our worldwide business network we can help you find new opportunities and markets for your products and services.

Shared Services & Location Selection; Digital Transformation & Change Management; Talent & Executive Search; Knowledge Management; Governance, Management Consulting; Operations; Facility Management; Administrative support; …

Our Services
Portugal is currently once of the most sought-after countries in Europe, both by tourists and investors.
Incentives for investment can be offered to domestic or foreign investors.

The type and amount of the incentive is influenced by factors such as the size of the investment, the contribution of the investment to developing regions or industries, creation of jobs, R&D, etc.

Cities or regions can offer additional support or incentives, so it is important to choose the city or region that best fits your goals and expectations.

What can we do for you?
Portugal is a truly global destination, considered one of the best in the world and increasingly a country to work, invest and to live in.

We help buyers find the right property whether it be for Golden Visa, Non-Habitual Resident (NHR), Investment or simply a place in the sun.
As a citizen of the European Union or European Economic Area (EEA) you can live, study and work in Portugal without any restrictions. If this is not your case, there are other ways as to enable you to do just that and also to invest in Portugal (Golden Residence Permit Program, Startup Visa and Startup Voucher, Visa programs, etc.

With a shortage of highly skilled employees and different industries growing, trying your luck in Portugal could really boost your career and be a great next step.
Our team can help you find the best solution to make this happen. Do not hesitate to contact us.

Do not hesitate to contact us.
Starting a new business or moving to a new country is often not simple. With the assistance of our partners, we can assist you in complying with all local tax requirements, provide you with accounting services and even find the best talents to help your business strive by finding the right set of talents you need to succeed in Portugal.
As an entrepreneur you already have a lot on your plate. Turning an idea into a successful business is not easy but we can help you in this process. Searching investors, finding incentives or grants, selecting locations, connect you with the right set of talents are just some of the services we can provide you with.
Even though Portugal has in recent years simplified the burden of administrative procedures and authorizations required to open and operate a business, there is a still a lot to deal with, even if you don’t set up a formal company. We can help you chose the right format to become established in Portugal, even if it’s just temporarily to see if it works!
Supported by our worldwide business network we can help you find new opportunities and markets for your products and services.
The different regions and cities of Portugal provide different opportunities.
They all have a lot to offer and in some cases nonrefundable incentives can reach up to 60%!

Based on the specificity of your business and your expectations, we can help you design your business plan to apply for incentives, build your team, ..., choose the region / city where you can most easily achieve your goals.

We sincerely will work to transform your contact in what you are looking for.

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