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is a virtual incubator based in Dubai Internet City.
FasterCapital was established in 2010 and its model has been publicly available since 2015.

FasterCapital is a virtual incubator based on the co-founder concept, investing in startups and providing them with the technical development from A to Z

Fastercapital has three main programs: Tech Cofounder or technical partner, Idea to Product and Grow your Startup.
Fastercapital has graduated 20 startups that are fully functional now, around 26 startups in Tech Cofounder. FasterCapital helped 281 startups in its acceleration program. FasterCapital is well connected worldwide with 989 Representatives/Regional Partners and 494 offices worldwide, has a strong network of 993 Mentors worldwide. FasterCapital has established more than 78 partnerships with incubators/accelerators/VentureFunds worldwide. FasterCapital has four rounds of funding per year. Anyone who is looking for a tech partner or has an idea or looking to grow their startup can apply to these rounds for free. FasterCapital has already committed to investing $22.04m in 98 startups.

key features
  • Specialized in IT Field
  • Mentorship
  • Accept non-technical entrepreneurs
  • Don't need to relocate to join
  • Provides tech developer per equity
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