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Boutique hotel - Porto

Have you ever considered investing in real estate and having great returns on your investment? We have partnered with investment firms in order to be able to offer you just that and give you the chance to be co-owner of hotel properties that offer you an average return of 5% and additional benefits such as the possibility to apply for visas (for higher investments) and discounts while staying at the property.

We have currently 1 (one) investment offering provided by one of our global partners consisting in common equity interests of a boutique hotel in the heart of the city of Porto, Portugal. Minimum investment is €50,000 (fifty thousand euros) and eligible investors may have the possibility to apply for the Golden Visa program, which may grant Portuguese residency and citizenship, allowing for unrestricted travel and residency throughout all the European Union. Eligible investors may also benefit from a free one-week stay in the hotel (once per year).

  • Porto - Portugal
  • Heart of the city
  • Golden Visa