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AtlanticBH - International Consultants, Lda

a boutique consulting firm based in Lisbon, Portugal, which is specialized in helping individuals and companies establish themselves in Portugal / Europe, both for business or for leisure

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AtlanticBH is a “one-stop shop” for

those wishing to start a new life or business in Portugal / Europe, or even for those who wish to find a local partner to expand their existing operations.

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Experienced Team

Experienced professionals coming from multinational companies have teamed up and formed AtlanticBH

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What can we do for you?

We will help you get the right Visa and permits for your specific situation, make the necessary applications to the authorities on your behalf, find a location for personal or business needs and, if that’s the case, create your own company, as well as much more associated with your new life project.

We help businesses market their projects and find business partners. Our worldwide business network is suitable for both small and medium business partners and small or medium sized projects. Have a look at our LinkedIn communities and see how far we can go for you!

We help entrepreneurs turn ideas in real projects. From finding investors, business partners, incentives, talent or create the actual company, we are ready to accompany you during that amazing journey!